Terms & Conditions

  •   Our company is registered as Fresh Evolution and you are bide by our terms & Condition for using our services.
  •   The Information given by you at the time of registration will be safe & secure, and only be used for the services provided by us.
  •   The products provided by us are of perishable nature and all the customers are required to consume them within two days for healthy consumption.
  •   Though we procure the products from the farmers but they are not legally bounded for the quality of the product.
  •   The minimum order to be ordered is of Rs 200.
  •   Fresh Evolution will not be responsible once the delivery has been made and customer has received the order.
  •   By agreeing to Terms & Conditions, Fresh Evolution does not guarantee the products nutritional values as it totally depends on the way of cooking and consumption. While using our website you agree to the above terms and conditions and Fresh Evolution will not be liable on any health consequences.
  •   Terms and conditions may change from time to time and the customers agree and are required to keep an update of the terms and conditions.

Let's save the farmers form intermediaries. Fresh Evolution is an online platform for doorstep delivery of fruits, vegetable, & organic products. We assure you to serve with the best quality of fruits, vegetable & organic products.